Monday, August 18, 2008

Week 23!

I had my 2nd ultrasound last week! And everything went beautifully! Baby Ogren is chugging right along growing and developing inside of me. I wanted to share my favorite pictures from the appointment!

Here baby is sucking on the fingers. Just like Mommy used to do!

I can't help but wonder all the places these feet will take baby someday!

And my absolute favorite, a glimpse of baby's face! Hello world!
It has never ceased to amaze me, the miracle of life that God has provided. I've watched my friends and family have children and I'm in awe of the incredible power that is the creation of life. It makes the experience even more amazing now that one of His plans is being created inside of me! We start classes again this week. And although it is bittersweet (my relaxing summer holiday is no more), I'm ready and excited to take care of another semester that I have left on my journey to a music therapy degree! The end of the semester should be interesting since I'm term on Thanksgiving Day. But I am confident about anything it would be that God certainly has His own timing! I am well taken care of and it will all work according to His plan. I'm here to do my best, trust in Him and enjoy the ride!


Jimazing said...

Life is amazing... Jimazing even! That young'un packs a pretty good kick too! It was way fun to feel him/her moving around inside you.

Dave Anderson said...

Danae I'm thrilled to see my great, great, niecephew. I am also thrilled with your excitement over the experience of pregnancy. God surely is good to us isn't he?
Uncle Dave